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Safety and Radiation

Rest assured that we understand our patients' concerns regarding radiation dose exposure and safety. The i-CAT FLX is the most advanced CBCT x-ray machine on the market. Please see our chart on this page for a comparison of our i-CAT image radiation exposure vs. other radiation sources of exposure. There has not been any documentation of someone injured by dental CBCT technology (cone beam computed tomography). 



Dose(μSv = microSieverts)Radiation Source

0.098 μSv             Measure of radiation from a typical banana

0.27 μSv/h            avg Human exposure to natural background radiation, global average

6.4-10 μSv            The average radiation you received today

40 μSv                  The radiation you receive by taking a flight from New York to L.A.

9 μSvi-                  CAT FLX Quickscan + setting (arches +TMJ) (FOV 16x11)

11 μSvi-                CAT FLX Quickscan + setting (Std. Ceph) (FOV 16x13)

53 μSvi-                CAT FLX Quickscan setting (Std. Ceph) (FOV 16x13)

400-600 μSv         Radiation dose from a mammogram

1500-1700 μSv     Annual dose for flight attendants

2,000 μSvCT        head (hospital)

8,000 μSvCT        abdomen (hospital)

3,010 μSv             Average annual human exposure

3,600 μSv             Average dose a Japanese citizen receives in a year from all sources

6,240 μSv             Average radiation a US citizen receives in a year from all sources

12,500 μSv           Kerala Coast in India annual effective dose

50,000 μSv           Maximum allowable yearly occupational dose (USA)

100,000 μSv         Lowest yearly dose likely linked to increased cancer risk

260,000 μSv         Annual natural radiation dose can reach in Northern Iran

2,000,000 μSv      Severe radiation poisoning (sometimes fatal)

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We use the latest advanced technology to reduce the exposure of radiation and visit time with our patients.

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Our advanced technology has the ability to have your scans available the same day

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